Monday, November 30, 2009

Wacka Movement .

Ofcourse never lyricist of the year or anything like that, this I know. Gucci can kick rocks because if you ever fwked with crime mob then you can definitely respect his energy .. still #fwkgucci

Mixtape Download: Wacka Flocka - Lebron Flocka James

Download Here

Monroe London x PM Winter 09 '

Monroe London

Student/Model/Owner of Phresh Mentality Magazine


Verge Modeling Troupe- Mr. Verge 2008-09
Alpha Lambda Delta- Mr. ALD 2008-09
Food Service Advisory Board- Treasurer 2008-09
NAACP- Historian 2008-09
VA Aggies- Publicity and Marketing Manager 2009
SGA Senator- 40th Legislation

About Phresh Mentality:

In 2007, an Atlanta based blogazine was born, PHRESHMentality™. Artist are featured from all over the globe and have generated music with a unique sound. We strive to promote classic music that embodies passion and creativity, while zooming in on the indie side of life and observing the mannequins of fashion. With a dynamic team focused on photography, design, and journalism, we tend to give our readers a taste of the sounds that we are obsessed with, providing coverage on the untainted art world.


London Monroe x Essay Real x Phresh Mentality x Digital Dreams ???

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wiz Khalifa - Deal Or No Deal

Download Here

Thursday, November 26, 2009

True Colors (Official Mixtape Cover)

Available on iTunes 2O1O !

Dame x Nikki Wray x Jim Jones

you can't tell me this ain't some cool sh*t .

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Young Money Album Cover??? #FAIL

with all that Amsterdam money ... they better be bullshitin ' .

Curren$y x Mos Def x Breakfast Music

Curren$y x Mos Def x Click Here

Taxi ...

mos def x taxi x black friday

Kreative Vibe

Shouts to the ceo's of the brand new company, Kreative Vibes!

Jay Cash & Adrian Puente
. Congrats fellas!
Each step is one closer to the ultimate goal!


Jay Cash | Official Twitter
Adrian Puente | Official Twitter
The Kreative Vibe | Official Twitter

*make sure to log on to!*

*launch coming soon*

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pill x 4075 : The Refill (Download) (2009)

First heard Pill, on Freddie Gibbs new mixtape hosted by DJ Skee not to long ago. Just know it was enough for me to post his mixtape up for download. Don't sleep.

Pill - 4075: The Refill (Download)

Digital Dreams x Vida Jafari

Don't know if I ever told you guys this, but in the grind to success I have come across another method that I am going to try on the way. Lately I have been trying to put together my own music group, alongside Virgina Beach producer EC | DC called Digital Dreams Music Group. Well, meet Vida. Talented R&B songstress out of Los Angeles, CA with a voice that will take your eargasm to another level. Nothing is official as of yet, but trust you will be seeing a lot of vida x essay real x ec | dc doing a lot of things together in 2010. Check out Vida's Myspace page at where she covers a cut from my album "Soulatronica" entitled "The People". Just know Self Made Muzik Group is headed in the right direction and with me and the boy wonder EC | DC .. Digital Dreams is another stepping stone in that direction !

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fear ...

"Fear has a large shadow, but he himself is small." ~Ruth Gendler

Lately things for me have been scaled down into what I wanna call two different sections. Life itself has two paths, well at least mine does. Within these two different paths one consists of nothing but great promises and positive thoughts. Down the other path is what we call Fear.

v. feared, fear·ing, fears
1. To be afraid or frightened of.
2. To be uneasy or apprehensive about: feared the test results.
3. To be in awe of; revere.
4. To consider probable; expect: I fear you are wrong. I fear I have bad news for you.
5. Archaic To feel fear within (oneself).

Now im sure you wonder why the hell Essay is explaining about the word Fear for. Well, just know it's deeper than just "being scared" or "being nervous". Fear is when you will not face something under any circumstance until you over come the terrible feeling that it brings you. Now for there to be two different paths right now, the craziest thing lately is my paths are starting to come together as one.. witch is not a good thing. The fear of not being successful, the fear of love not being what it's supposed to be and etc .

Then I woke up, tonight .. as she laid in my lap after two doobies and a night cap movie to send me into the mode to think about this. At that moment is when I realized that Fear is in everyone. It's okay for things to be SO GOOD that it seems unreal. Sometimes people are just who they are and when and if they love, they do so hard. The people in my life help me from feeling this Fear that I know exist.

Moral to the story, there isn't one. But I will tell you this, if you want to be successful in anything that you do, or want anything to be exactly the way you planned it out. You can't allow that "F" word, and I don't mean "fuck" intervene with your heart.

Thank You Bonnie.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Carter: Documentary (2009)

From watching this, i learned one thing...
Wayne does what the fuck he wants to, period.

Really good documentary though ... Download Here

Tyga - Black Thoughts (2009)

Yeah, respect good music people. Download Here

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Carter: Documentary Premiere (Los Angeles, CA)

Available @ 11 . 17 . 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Worried (2009)

this is the only way i entertain lames ...

True Colors: The Mixtape
11 . 24 . 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

7 Months ....

Thank you for being here seven months into my life. Even though we go thru so much on a daily basis to stretch things out to be together, we make it work. I really wanted to do something special this time around witch is why I have been waiting, s don't worry from here on out you'll have on every monday. but here is one that really means a lot to me ... Happy Seven Month Anniversary Baby !

"your my Angel......"

Friday, November 6, 2009

Curren$y - Life Under The Scope

jet set, where haven't we been yet ?

Feet On The Ground feat. Jon Mueller

Essay Real
Feet On The Ground feat. Jon Mueller
True Colors: The Mixtape (2009)
Mixtape Available Everywhere 11 . 24 . 2009
Self Made Muzik Group/Digital Dreams Entertainment Group


Feet touch back on the earth,
with a pen and a pad I can show what im worth, this is.. //
what iv'e dated since the date of my birth,
all business, pardon my work, hommie believe that.. //
use to be Shady at times and I could Relapse,
and pre-haps (perhaps), things don't work out the same.. //
a Common Man telling you that things Never Change,
no Ruffin, it's Essay im tryna say something.. //
*screwed* it's Essay im tryna say something,
but what am I saying if my saying does nothing.. //
following a road, lot of traffic sharp curves,
get a doobie, roll it up and let it burn.. //

*inhaling smoke*

hold it in and let it go,
pause, and it can take you where nobody knows.. //
so sedated, neva hate it when im on a cloud,
this is how im feeling right now.. //

I feel like im going crazy, love me or hate me,
it's gonna take me from myself.. //
when I feel like there's no one else,
when it feel like there's no one left, to keep my feet on the ground//
cause im happy now, but im crashing down,
it's gon ' save me from myself, to keep my feet on the ground.. //

*verse two*
nightmares in my night dreams,
center stage, so im shining with the light beams.. //
never second guessing nothing in my downfall,
taking shots, no dribbling a round ball.. //
and you can say what you want when the times right,
so when your cards dealed out, you can shine bright.. //
pow sessions, with a few shots of Remy,
on a scale of one to ten, blaque feeling like a twenty.. //
its so easy, no room to complicated,
moving to fast, gotta take time to wait.. //
real music can't be what you asked for,
cause I can see through your rhymes like a glass door.. //
it's more, I ain't gotta take the last of it,
patient, still stackin on my last budget.. //
so don't do it if you don't love it, maybe,
and B.I.G gone but it's still Gravy, Dolla.. //

*back to hook*

*bridge talk*

yahhh ....
ahhaaa ...

you can't say I don't work hard man,

this what I do ....

I mean if you want something bad enough
man you can get it you just gotta work hard ...
you should already know that by now .. ha,

self made ...

ayo j, ayo holla at em ' again bruh .. ha,
let's go.

*back to hook to fade*