Wednesday, August 15, 2012

THE REL▲UNCH | 9.1.12

Information is not knowledge.

If you don't know what this means right now that's fine. Just know, I believe knowledge will take you farther than quick money schemes, double backing into situations you know aren't down your lane and so forth. If you choose to listen to any music under this post, thank you. Yet a lot of it hasn't been updated since the birth of my first born son, moving to a new city and going back to finish up in school. I definitely believe I am writing some of the best music so far since six years ago, because we all gain quality with father time if we're true to our passions in life. We see things differently. We grow as individuals - If we remain positive and keep our blueprint intact."Daylight Savings EP" will be out very soon, and shortly after will you get a lot of singles leading up to my next release. I'm also an Advertising and Graphic Design Major now. Dream big.

 "A big part of making music is the discovery aspect, is the surprise aspect." - Wouter De Backer

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