Monday, April 26, 2010

There Used To Be A Time (Part II)

Looking back on everything between me and the love of my life it's crazy to even think we have been together almost a whole year...Feels as though the time is now that I have found that special one for me and only me. Thing about this relationship is no matter what happens between us good/bad we are going to push our hearts to the max to try to find out what went wrong and correct it to make it great... There used to be a time where I was blinded by such a beautiful person ... only later to find out that neither one of us are perfect. We have both done things to upset each other, cause turmoil or just make the other person just feel as though they wish they weren't hurting so bad... But one thing I know is it is through us learning each other more and more everyday and accepting each other for who we are that gets us through the day. I have been blessed to make up so much in this 300+ days to show you that you are the woman for me. Yes, one thing we have encountered is that we are going to fuss/argue and disagree, we're both human and it's gonna happen. But what I want you to understand is simply this... we know how to work it out, and soon all the "petty" small arguments will exist no more. Only thing left over will be love for each other and we will use things of our past as what NOT to ever do if it hurt the other person. You have taught me so much since we have been together and honestly nothing can change how i feel about you. Through ever situation at the end of it you are STILL my baby, and with that said there used to be a time where I thought i found the best thing in my life...well, thinking is over, blessed to have MY ANGEL in my life and in 12 days we will experience something together SO MANY PEOPLE didn't think we could make it too... OUR ANNIVERSARY! Love you Sheaneathea and remember no matter what that will never change!

Love, Blaque

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stars & Papers (Produced By Chemist)

"Stars & Papers"
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

3 New Leaks...

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