Friday, November 6, 2009

Feet On The Ground feat. Jon Mueller

Essay Real
Feet On The Ground feat. Jon Mueller
True Colors: The Mixtape (2009)
Mixtape Available Everywhere 11 . 24 . 2009
Self Made Muzik Group/Digital Dreams Entertainment Group


Feet touch back on the earth,
with a pen and a pad I can show what im worth, this is.. //
what iv'e dated since the date of my birth,
all business, pardon my work, hommie believe that.. //
use to be Shady at times and I could Relapse,
and pre-haps (perhaps), things don't work out the same.. //
a Common Man telling you that things Never Change,
no Ruffin, it's Essay im tryna say something.. //
*screwed* it's Essay im tryna say something,
but what am I saying if my saying does nothing.. //
following a road, lot of traffic sharp curves,
get a doobie, roll it up and let it burn.. //

*inhaling smoke*

hold it in and let it go,
pause, and it can take you where nobody knows.. //
so sedated, neva hate it when im on a cloud,
this is how im feeling right now.. //

I feel like im going crazy, love me or hate me,
it's gonna take me from myself.. //
when I feel like there's no one else,
when it feel like there's no one left, to keep my feet on the ground//
cause im happy now, but im crashing down,
it's gon ' save me from myself, to keep my feet on the ground.. //

*verse two*
nightmares in my night dreams,
center stage, so im shining with the light beams.. //
never second guessing nothing in my downfall,
taking shots, no dribbling a round ball.. //
and you can say what you want when the times right,
so when your cards dealed out, you can shine bright.. //
pow sessions, with a few shots of Remy,
on a scale of one to ten, blaque feeling like a twenty.. //
its so easy, no room to complicated,
moving to fast, gotta take time to wait.. //
real music can't be what you asked for,
cause I can see through your rhymes like a glass door.. //
it's more, I ain't gotta take the last of it,
patient, still stackin on my last budget.. //
so don't do it if you don't love it, maybe,
and B.I.G gone but it's still Gravy, Dolla.. //

*back to hook*

*bridge talk*

yahhh ....
ahhaaa ...

you can't say I don't work hard man,

this what I do ....

I mean if you want something bad enough
man you can get it you just gotta work hard ...
you should already know that by now .. ha,

self made ...

ayo j, ayo holla at em ' again bruh .. ha,
let's go.

*back to hook to fade*

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