Monday, August 11, 2008

Think About It.. (Personal Blog)

You know what, I took a little break from my "blogging" have you say because honestly this shit was looking like every other blog you see on the net nowadays. I mean I pull some interesting things that I come across online you know some fly fashion, fresh music or what have you but to me this shit was getting way off of the the purpose I even started it. The reason I even decided to do the blog was for all of you who swear up and down you know me, could really get a in depth understanding of who I really am, I guess. One of if not the main thing I wanna talk about right now honestly is accepting who you are. Sometimes we as human beings have in our mind who it is we are or front like we're something that we know that we are not at all, but just because others accept us for that we just ride with the punches. You know, I have always been a what I like to call and im sure you heard others call it, a "peoples person". Don't get me wrong its nothing wrong with being that at all. Thing about it is, sometimes we can get so caught up on being just that, that we fall out of character. People say all the time "don't judge me because you don't know me" or then there's the one that's like "why you act like you know me, don't judge me before you get to!" Those same people watch your move and what it is that you do and they judge for themselves if they think that you should be someone that they should asscociate themselves with or whatnot. I think thats fake as hell, im sorry agree or don't thats just how I feel. At the end of the day, im just as human as you are, we just have some differences. One person may think that Blaque is just the worst person in the world and has no stability and then the next may think im just the greatest thing since the microwave (lack of better comparison). Honestly, I use to really give a f*** about that, but as you can tell by the purpose of even typing this right now, I could care less. I am what and who I am and if you can't understand or get with that then you just sit on your sideline and talk. Either way, now I don't care and don't think I should because people you call your friends now, later on may come to your understanding as your wosrse enemy. To all who support me and have been there and to all I have done wrong and haven't been there for, I love you all. Remember that we are all human and we all make mistakes but I told a VERY good friend today that dumb people do dumb things and keep doing dumb shit. Smart people do dumb things as well, but that seperates the smart from dumb when the smart can learn from the dumb shit and don't do it again. Those are the ones who make it and have longevity in so many more things because to me they are expanding as indivuals and learning more so than just tripping over the same bull over and over.

Guess when it's all said and done, you just have to think about it and apply it to your own situation and if you don't agree, fine I don't care. We all have opinions and we all see things in different lights. This is just how I see it and how I feel.


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