Monday, August 4, 2008

Hometown Model Of The Week: Shaquanta Elita

On July 23 1989 God created me; Shaquanta Elita. God has a plan for everything that he does. When he do it and even how he does it. Everyone is brought into this world for a reason and my reason is to express myself with fashion and modeling. I've been modeling for at least 6 years and have no plans on stopping any time soon. Modeling is not just something I do because everyone else is trying to or so I can fit in or whatever you wanna say, modeling is my heart. It's something that I do because I truly love it and it makes me happy. My plans for modeling, basically_im going to let God take it to where he thinks it should be. It took me along time to really act on the saying.."Always put God first and things that you thought wouldn't happen..will happen." Now don't take it like I won't putting God first..but sometimes in life you start feeling like you can do it all on your own and forget about if it wasn't for God you really wouldn't be doing whatever it is that your doing and just as easy as he blessed you with that love for something, just that easy he will take it away. Being that modeling is my heart, I don't want that to happen. Well okay more information, im college bound and goin to school to major in For. Science and to minor in Fashion Merchandising. Do I have a job? Yes, Money is every girls happiness =D. Is this my stopping point here with my life, no. I strive for the best and plus God is not done with me yet !

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