Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marley: The Mixtape (Tracklisting)

Finally! ...lol, but nah seriously I apologize to everybody for the delays on "Marley: The Mixtape" but what a lot of artist are starting to learn and should know by now is to make sure "if your gonna do it, do it the right way." Look out for it June 2010 @ www.kreativevibe.com // www.theblaquesphere.comI also have another mixtape "True Colors" that will be dropping this summer as well. All leading up to the next album "Live Now, Dream Later" coming this August. SELF MADE.

1. Cypher (Intro) feat. Young Cypher (@youngcypher)
2. Super Villian feat. Quick
3. Higher Than
4. Doobie (Freestyle)
5. The Radio
6. Just Wanna Know
7. Feet On The Ground feat. Jon Mueller
8. The Voicemail feat. Kid Cudi
9. Flow So Cold
10. Essay Speaks (Skit)
11. At The Top
12. Something For You
13. Roll Another
14. Late Nights (feat. Don Perignon) (@donperignon)
15. Flowers When Im Gone (Production from T. Hemingway)
16. 5:09 (Chemist Productions)
17. Essay Speaks Pt. II
18. Live Now, Dream Later (Outro)

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