Monday, December 7, 2009

Dreams ... True Colors

Everyone has them. Even if they seem to far fetch to grasp, we still have them on instant replay in the back of our minds. At times it seems like my dreams are only a arms reach from holding on too. Then there are times where I feel like it's only a dream... Some of my best songs I write come from so many situations that happened in my life and honestly I don't think some people understand WHY I make the music that I do. Why im not sleeping in the studio just recording music to be recording. Reason is because I treat it like a craft. A craft is something you work on getting better at but you don't strive for quantity when dealing with it, you work for quality. This next mixtape (album) whatever you want to call it is really showing a side of Essay Real that will further help you understand my dream. It's almost like "Back To Space" was the alarm clock .. and now that you are awake its my job to bring "True Colors" to life. Even though it's tough trying to be successful at something that so many people are racing with you and against you (had to throw that in there...) I still maintain to keep God first & Man second. With that mentality I can't lose and will never be upset at the outcome of it all. I can't believe that its' going on 10 years of me rapping and recording music. Some may say im crazy, some may say ill give it up soon .. and even though you saying that weighs on me heavily, I won't let it stop me. I will make this more than a dream ...

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