Monday, October 12, 2009

9 Musical Steps To Love...

Since I have meet my soul mate , I have possibly did everything I can possibly think of to show it to her. From writing songs to late night talks holding her in my arms. No im not ashamed of being in love and that being said ima share my joy with you all.

I have 9 songs that I will post up every monday until we get to the ninth one and every song will describe my love for her and our journey from then to now. So yes all the songs are in order from when we first met , to where we are now. I love you Bonnie and I hope you understand that... witch I know you do! =D

1.) Raphael Sadiq - Sky, Can You Feel Me

"This is just the first feeling .. the song speaks for itself . From hoping out of the jeep sing the most beautiful smile I have ever seen to talking all night and morning in her car about anything that crosses our mind just wanting to get to know each other so much more .. this song represents this baby ... "

Song #2 coming next monday ! ;D

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Bonnie said...

i cant wait til monday lol