Sunday, August 23, 2009

Desire and Passion ...

I find it amusing when I ask rappers why they rap. The answers are so different everytime. Like how can you be doing anything better yet say you love something, but have no clue why you do it. My will to make it as far as I can with the love of my life, that is hip-hop is unbreakable. Numerous nights of writting, times of late night confusion in the studio and hardships of being heard always make me wonder if this is for me. Then the next person who hears "Where Ever You Are" comes and tells me they went through thoughts of suicide when there spouse passed away. Then a song that I made of concept, just change my life through something I came up with. Amazing right? Witch is why I can honestly and proudly say that I love hip-hop and im in it till I can't be anymore.

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