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The Connect TV : Tia X and Bonnie | Episode One

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The Connect TV: Episode One

Meet the Connect! Tia X and Bonnie, watch as they give there introductions to what is the newest online talk show/newsletter blog hitting the Internet. With interesting topics we deal with to even "baby mama drama", "What are slut monkeys?" and "Basic B*tches". Trust me, this is one Internet show you need on a daily basis.

Check out the First issue of the online Newsletter Blog from "The Connect".

Wats really good FB Fam, its ya girl Tia X Meet the Connect- nothings illegal, everything's legit! LMAO! Thanks again 4 joining the group & subscribing to our newsletter, we appreciate the support. Last week my tatted up ace boon coon and I hit u hard wit the "Slut Monkey" subject, today we coming @ u on different subjects. That dont mean we 4got about u basic b*tches, there are just other things more important than yall mud duck asses...

First off Unexplainable shit basic b*tches do are a little more important than how the slut monkey acts in public. See, when a basic b*tch does something that is unexplainable, i begin 2 wonder, what category does she fit in? Here's a recent example... Approximately 2 weeks ago a good friend of my boyfriends, we'll call him "Ted", car was unexplainably crashed into a tree by a female companion, whom we'll call "Ciara". I choose 2 talk about this b/c the keyword is UNEXPLAINABLE. Somehow she crashed into a tree horizontally, on top of a curve (a big curve), mysteriously almost parallel to that tree & another 1 beside it, in a parking lot (a student housing parking lot), @ night, on 14th St @ Belk Hall, & she didnt have L's. About 5 days ago i tried 2 contact Ciara 2 find out her side of the story. I wasnt successful in recieving a reply back 4rm her on FB nor was my Eyewitnews News Connect Team able 2 even find anyone 2 tag her in the car damages picture. She deleted the whole circle from her friends. Now THATS explainable. She didnt want 2 be embarassed. Little did she know that the same chick she saw that night 2 come to the crime seen after it happened was the same chick known for this newsletter- ME! I say wats on my mind in numerous ways kuz i have a right 2 an opinion & I just wanna know wat the fuk was going through ur mind Ciara before u hit the tree. It was a classic car @ that!! lol. Rollin like a top dog. Just waitin on the ice cream, ice cream, ice cream paint job. lmao. This is wat i think happened. She made a left into Belk Hall off of 14th St, then made another left into the lot, driving regular, then the slut monkey saw a tree & thought it had bananas so she pushed her foot down on accelerator & turn wheel slightly 2 the left therefor crashing into the tree tryin 2 knock the bananas down frm the tree, then tried 2 back up like nothing happened once she realized their were no bananas. She just said fuck erybody else in the car. I told yall dudes these hoes aint got manners & dnt think b4 they do shit. Money over bitches & that car was money now gone. When i showed up @ the scene she was standin wit her friend under an umbrella snickering like she didnt just fucked the coupe up! lol. & u wonder y we @ The Connect go so hard on these slut monkeys. They do unexplainable shit. ***Unexplainable. Like i was @ Target Friday & it was raining. My cousin & I got her daughter in a stroller, pushing it from Sally's wit the top down so the baby wont get wet- i see a slut monkey running towards Target w a 5 month old baby in her right arm hanging & she draggin her 2 year old by the arm IN THE RAIN! As Bonnie say "where they do that @"!! Unexplainable are chicks shaving they heads all of a sudden on the sides kuz of Cassie random ass, when i BEEN did it 3 months ago, and then stick weave in the mohawk part! Me and Shandell Barbie Jones are the only 1s that look good with the shaved sides kuz we rocking it weave-free & our hair aint dry looking! How u cut ur sides & then not knw how 2 rock it??? U basic b*tch. Be urself fucker! Ssooo... u put microbraids in it & ur sides & brushed?? Thats a pure mess. How u cut ur hair wit it shaved in the back & front like u dont need a relaxer? & ima go ahead & announce that just kuz im bringin back the Faith Evans color, i dnt wanna see none of yall slut monkeys see me in the streets & ask how i got my hair to go from jet black 2 red-orange... im not gon tell u, ima lie. & i didnt have 2 bleach it. So ima warn u b4 u go get a 20% lightening bottle & some ammonia dye from Beauty World & break ur hair off- Get on my level.
***Thx for ur time. Once again its ya classy, hood, professional wit the korean eyes & guatemalen hips, & yes i am ur connect & i did my own french tips! Shouts out to my present & future (fuck da past) (IWABW) & the Game Ova South fam... BONNIE- WAT IT BE LIKE??
*****~~~~~Bonnie: Live & Direct~~~~~*****

Whatdeydo!!! You already know who it is, all mouth and no action... YEAH RIGHT! IWABW! Any who... yea yea, i know ive been hard on the chicks lately w/ the whole slut monkey thing ...well i wasnt lying- (and defintely NOT hating)
just informing ...imma take a trip with the guys first BUT i WILL get back to you basic bitches in a minute...
***So we got Male Groupies now WHAAAAT!!!
Where dey do that at... Welll guys, ive seen it and witness it daily AND IT AINT JUST ME kuz males have males groupies too... [pause] lol. Example NumerO UnO:
...cOmmenting on peOple statuses. Its Ok 2 give peOple feedback ...but ahhh hummm (clearing throat) if u put ur status up at 12:12 how the hell they comment at 12:12 on the dot also??? Fuckn crazy! Damn! lol Guess you're a subscriber! ...and back to one of my past status' STOP talkn in code like we're fuckn dumb. Say what you mean or shut the fwk up ...damn! And this new era ebonics-- who the hell suppose to understand you when your the author of the dictionary... and how the hell you "LIKE" all their shit- IMPOSSIBLE!
Damn guys really be following like Twitter! You a groupie niqqqa...
***Moving along... next and off subject (but who
gives a fwk, im the writer lol) I wanna know how you be so wavy with underage groupies... thats lame as hell! lol In the word of Twitter world: #killyoself... How you have a queen but fwk- u STILL wanna fwk slut monkeys & bitches... hmmm... BACK TO THE SUBJECT AT HAND... Why when one nigga grinding, you think yOu shining... male groupie always strapped, when he in the club, niqqas give him daps and niqqas- give him a hug...
WTF homo male groupie! lol! &... umm just bc we friends on facebook, when we in public, dont make us friends in the real world ...hell, i STILL dont kno your ass... and to all the niqqas who wanna be boyfriends #2... #killyoself! To all the lames that think glitter and gold can get or even keep a girl... #killyouself! if you ghostwriting your homies lyrics #killyoself and come up with yOur own name [...] insider Back to the basics bc i see hate males in my future... You on your job, you hatin’ hard can we say im lovin it ...
why you so obsessed with me... lol.
***There three types of females: we got our regular chicks. Ya kno, not extra plain Jane, ya kno the type that men wanna marry... Then we got our five star chicks. No need to explain... And last that basic bitch. <---- they dont matter like dust in your hand. Just blow them away.
***Matter fact its 8:15 am and im gettin sleepy. Imma save this for next week and leave you with this note, Facebook let us pray... dear lord please dont let my daughter grow up to be a basic bitch. Ahhh... fml... yea i said it but i was so serious... peace! shouts out to EC l DC 2 am coming soon later today ...dope... and also coming soon later
this month "Back to Space" Essay Real mixtape! Its not just a hobby with him, its real hip hop. Love the music, not the fame... Bonnie out...
Blaque where the lOud @!!!!

Thx again every1 for joining us this week. We aint just talkin shit, we speaking truth and we saying shit that needs 2 be said. We got more shit 2 make someone mad next week as long as we dnt get shut down. We're Tia X & Bonnie signing off like a Def Jam contract.

If u have any stories or irritating situations u`d like for us 2 address or any questions or comments PLEASE snd us an email at

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