Tuesday, March 24, 2009

words of motivation

thought this was interesting so decided to share it ...
came across it just browsing the net .. lol!

A Prayer From the Hood

Heavenly father I come before you tdoay asking that your will be your way

Protect me from those bullets that stray

Dear Lord please bless me and help me when those streets try to take hold of me

Let me be free of gangs and to be another black man slain

Lift me up and check me when I get it twisted not to let my words be contradicted

Keep me alive cuz in the hood is where I try to survive those drive by's, on a daily basis

Protect me in school while I get my education without havin to worry about those that are on probation

Should I wear the color red let me not be mistaken and found dead

Where the flesh may be weak let me not give into temptation yet contemplation

of where I lay my head I pray the four letters do not strike and take me away

A.I.D.S this disease could care less who it effects

It's prey is not only those that are gay it don't discriminate so get it straight

See being straight won't necessarily help you escape this deadly illness

Let there be monogamy between my partner and me

I pray that any beefs be settled peacefully without someone pulling the trigger on me

For those in the state pen let me not offend

For only you can judge and let me never hold a grudge

I say a prayer for those doing hard time but are innocent of their crimes

May you open up heavens gates should death be my fate

While I'm down here on earth let me not forget my worth

Help me oh Lord to make thy money and not let thy money make me

May those that are hustling on the city blocks sellin rocks stop and find their purpose in life

to love you with all thy might

Lord there is a war out there in my heart I am aware you are near

Forgive the sins of the fathers and those that come before me

I ask that you help them walk righteously

Should I be unable to move from the hood let my life's journeys be as they should

if I could let me share my story and it be a testimony for all in the struggle just like me

May I be the messenger of hope

To all that are lost may they be found

I pray each day


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