Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whuzi interview about new album "The Kitchen Sink" and ATS Fall return!

If you didn't know, this is the label that
I am signed to AftertheSmoke, LLC and Whuzi
is as well as CEO of ATS/Medium Rare Fashions
but a mastermind behind the microphone!

I caught up with Whuzi to ask him questions about
the new album "The Kitchen Sink" and some questions
about the label AftertheSmoke making there return this fall! Whuzi, so many people are asking questions about the album since releasing your very unique album cover on your myspace page. What was your inspiration for the artwork of your new Spring 09 album, "The Kitchen Sink"?

Whuzi: We'll for this project I wanted to test myself. I wanted to put together something epic, while blending all the elements that represents me. The album title is a play off of the old phase "Everything but the kitchen sink". I wanted to take that image and expand on it. All the hardships that we all deal with in life and also my personal conflicts will be reflected. The Kitchen Sink is where we let it all pile up...I'm going to be get beneath the grim and residue and show you me. With such a indepth album, how many tracks can we expect from the new album "TKS" (The Kitchen Sink)?

Whuzi: I'm aiming for at least 11 solid tracks. Sounds great, your style and sound is very unique and from the public you get comparisons from one of the greats, Andre 3000 (true story!) how would you describe your sound and the content of your music?

Whuzi:I try to convey something fresh for the true fans of innovative music, but ever new kid on the block will have to deal with being compared to the already established. I'm aiming to bleed together different genres in order to make songs that stand out on their own I also want to connect the album with my artwork. Almost like a musical comicstrip. Speaking on your artwork, a lot of people don't know that you are the mastermind behind all of the crazy fresh designs that make After The Smoke different from a lot of the others, how heavily does your artwork play a role in your music?

Whuzi: In this project it will play a dynamic role. I want the listeners to get a visual of what is inside of my head I've never really promoted my artistic ability before just like the title says...I want to give my fans everything.

Whuzi: Well, you have a lot of fans ready for this album so trust it will be a must cop come Spring 2009! As far as AftertheSmoke from your recent video blog you said that you all took a break this summer but get ready for the Fall, what can we expect from the ATS crew this go around?

Whuzi: a huge expansion. taking what has worked for us so far and taking it to a higher level. The great part about 2009 is that I have graduate college and will finally have time to pursue music with everything I have. And thats a blessing man, and as apart of the AftertheSmoke family myself, I can't wait to get started! Thanks Whuzi for taking time out to let us know about your new project "The Kitchen Sink" and hopefully we can do this again closer to the album release!

Whuzi: Thats for checking up on it. I will have singles pushing in the next couple of days.

Check out Whuzi at Whuzi | Official Myspace for the new singles coming out soon!

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