Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Producer of The Week: J.72

I have a sound that can't be duplicated and a sound that is rare. Not just speaking for myself, its what i've been told many times from listeners. I'm apart of a new Generation of producers and a big network as well. Listeners from Europe have shown alot of support overtime and its nice to know that your music is being played from people you may never see. I used to DJ (i may pick that up again) and incorporate that with my beats. I've been producing music since 2000 and haven't stopped since then. I have been influenced by many producers such as Prince, The Neptunes, Sa-Ra, Georgia Anne Muldrow, and the likes of my fellow peers.

The music i create is someting that people will never experience unless they turn my music up to the highest level. I let the kick hit deep and the snare sound mindblowing while i have the hi-hats supporting the background sound. I study music production from other producers that influence me. When i study music production, it isn't jacking their style and listening to the emotion and the artistic form the producer put into the work. It sounds wierd, but its a story that has to be told.

You can check out more J.72 at his
official myspace page and blog!

J.72 | Official Myspace
Atlantic Ave. | The Official J.72 Blog

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