Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Michelle Obama To Introduce Barack's Plan To Support Working Women And Families

For working families trying to balance jobs and kids and maybe even aging parents of their own, the American Dream can feel like it's slipping away.

Over the course of this campaign, I've had the chance to sit down with so many working women across the country. I've talked with mothers struggling to make ends meet because their salaries aren't keeping up with the cost of groceries or the price of gas. I've listened to the moms who are nervous about taking time off to care for a sick child, and the moms-to-be who are scared of getting fired if the boss finds out they're pregnant.

Then there are women who work hard every day doing the same jobs as men, but earning less. And the military families, who struggle to make ends meet with one paycheck where there used to be two. They welcome their loved ones home with full hearts but little support from their government for their service.

These struggles – the struggles of working women and families across America – aren't new to me or to any of us. And they're certainly not new to Barack.

As President, Barack will expand the Family and Medical Leave Act, so that millions of additional Americans will be able to take time off to care for a baby or an elderly parent – or just to have a few hours to attend a school play or a parent-teacher conference or take a child to the doctor. Barack will require employers to provide all their workers with at least seven paid sick days a year, and ensure that women are paid fairly for their hard work.

This agenda is about helping women reclaim their dreams for themselves and their families. It's about giving them a helping hand, not a handout. The subjects here are near to my heart, and they're at the center of this campaign. But the policies will only succeed if they address your needs. So please let us know what you think.


Michelle Obama

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